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We are your Friendly and Reliable Bail Bondsmen
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We are your Friendly and Reliable Bail Bondsmen

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We are your Friendly and Reliable Bail Bondsmen

When you find your loved one behind bars, what would you feel? Stress, anxiety, desperation are few of the answers. The loved ones of the accused would want to take him or her out of jail immediately. You would want to do everything you can to help the accused. Bail is the answer to your desperation.  
When someone is arrested, the court decides on the bail of the individual accused or the defendant. The bail varies depending on the crime allegedly committed by the defendant. Usually, a bail is in the form of money or property. Once the bail is paid, the defendant is free to go as long as he or she attends his or her scheduled court hearings.  

If the defendant or his loved ones, in any case, can’t afford the bail amount, does that mean that the defendant would have to rot in jail until such time he or she can afford the bail? Just thinking about this makes you worry more, right? We have good news for you! We can help you all throughout the journey of bailing your beloved out of jail through the use of a bail bond. 

We are a bail bonds company, not only a simple one but a leading one. We have offices all over the country. Yes, even in San Diego. We have been around for a long time and have been considered an institution in this industry. Not only do we help your loved one achieve temporary freedom, but we also spare you from negative energies brought about by worry and anxiety. 

Our bail bondsmen are on call, ready to serve you anytime. All of them are licensed and have undergone several internal training to better our service. We guarantee you efficient service with a smile. The bail process may be a little nerve-wracking because of the overwhelming terms. Your assigned bail bondsman will explain to you the process in a way that you will understand better.  

When the bail amount has been set by the court, call us and we will give you an initial orientation. When everything is agreed upon, the defendant will need a co-signor or guarantor. The premium rate by California law is 10% of the bail amount. Our company offers flexible payment terms for the comfort of our clients. The co-signor will be responsible for paying the bail if the defendant fails to attend his or her court hearings. 
Once everything is set, and the premium has been settled, our bail bondsman will process the release of your loved one in jail. Remember that the freedom is only temporary and the defendant has legal obligations that he or she has to fulfill.  

Our company does not only have the best, licensed bail bondsmen in town. We also assure you that we will give you the best customer service you can ever imagine. Our bail bondsmen will give you valuable advises on the possible actions you should take after the bailing process. Always remember that once you sign up with us a client, we make sure that you are assisted in a personalized manner. Our company's core values are trust, loyalty and excellent service. Don’t forget, when there is a threat to your or your loved ones’ freedom, we are just one call away.

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